The Nintendo Switch’s TV Dock is Out of Stock

The sounds surrounding the recent changes to the Nintendo online store are the fact that you will not be able to buy an independent TV station for the Nintendo Switch. Previously, the item was sold for $ 90 and the Nintendo Switch owners allowed the unit to exchange more easily between multiple TVs in their home. However, the entire product page for the unit has disappeared and the third parties have never sold it.

Many believed that this pointed to Nintendo as a stage for recalling the berth that had some problems with flexing, and then pulled out the Hand-held display after multiple installations and openings. That’s not the case.

When I wrote the original track, I thought many people had conclusions that there was an interest in the existing quay problems. With the rather strange layout of the Nintendo store, including the Nintendo Switch Pro controller and other “lost” products like Joy-Con wheels, it can be in stoop or hitch and looks like it used to be. right answer.

Nintendo has sold a large number of Keys and unlike other components, the dock is a very important part of the real unit, and yang is its fire. It makes sense that the Nintendo Switch is now sold well, with only a limited number of single stations going even faster than a high price.

Nintendo, who is unclear, decides to remove the dock’s entire product page from scratch, or if he sells the other accessories, when almost no third-party carrier sells the unit, why did he decide to lift it so far? Not a big recall for the dock.

If Nintendo does something on the dock, is the question still valid? It is absurd that the potential of screen-scoring is that some paranoid actors have put a fleece or foam in to prevent this. And yes, when we saw a handful of drawn Nintendo Switch photos circulating on the Internet, it was the fourth day of launching the console, and it is worrisome that this problem may only increase after several installations and installations for weeks and months. It’s fairly easy to get in and out of the rink without harming the Nintendo Switch, but if someone’s harness is slightly bent inward, or if someone’s jammed in and out of the unit, I can see how it will be.

My guess is that the Nintendo Switch will follow with a series of different hardware variants, such as 3DS will follow the footsteps more from Wii U and continue over time. I’m going to talk about what a future version of the console might be able to redesign the dock without requiring a completely “front side” on it, and what would be so unreasonable in the first place and what would cause the present situation. But if this happens, it will be a long, very remote road.

The problem with the left Joy-Con is that if Nintendo does not make a solid correction, even if it suggests keeping the Nintendo Switch away from other electronic or fish tanks, if there is something that needs a harder correction right now. This seems to be a more common issue than drawing the screen, but this problem has made viral bullets very intense, so it’s in everyone’s mind.

So no, Nintendo is not doing anything serious with the dock. It was just sold out and completely erased from the store for a reason now. We will look to see if there are any significant changes in the dock in the future, but I have not been expecting anything good for a long time and must be very careful with you until then.

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