Microsoft servers went offline due to xbox one error

Microsoft eventually validated Xbox Live-related issues with a notice on the Xbox Server Status page that affects sign-in; Create, manage, or recover an account and search on Xbox One, Xbox 360, Xbox, Windows 10, and other Xbox services.

An alert on the page reads: “We are aware that some members may be having trouble signing in to Xbox Live, we are working to resolve the issue as soon as possible and we are confident we will update frequently.”

It’s not clear how long it will take, but it also affects Microsoft Outlook users who want to access their e-mail, Skype and One Drive users.

Thousands of users of Xbox One are now reporting that they can not access core online services with Xbox Live.

Down Detector saw a big increase in reports from users who could not use Xbox Live users.

At this time, there is no known problem on the Xbox Live Status page, but it may be in the update stage.

More than one Xbox One user accessing Xbox Live reports that they can not log in or are not fully booted.

What’s causing server problems is not clear right now, but there’s no official word on Twitter from the Xbox support team.

Xbox is experiencing life problems, signing in, working properly, then crashing, repeatedly asking for a password. “A sad Xbox user wrote.

Another person complained that; “My Xbox One keeps me signing out continuously even though the account was created half an hour back. It is saying my account doesn’t exist”

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