Microsoft confirms, Xbox One sign in services offline

For many users who are trying to log in to Xbox One, the XBOX LIVE status is now turned off.

The reports at the beginning of Xbox Live problems start today as well as fans who verify Xbox One sign-in problems.

Microsoft has updated its sites to confirm that Xbox core services now linked to sign-in are now disconnected.

“We are aware that some members may have trouble logging in to Xbox Live,” the support message said.

“We are working to resolve the issue as soon as possible and we will be happy to update you frequently.”

Some of the problems that the players report here are:

A fan who wrote “Error code 0x8013153b while trying to access a store on an Xbox One”.

When adding another: “Can not login, it looks like 10 seconds, and then I can not connect.”

It seems that Xbox One and Xbox 360 users are struggling to access and use the core online services.

Players also have problems accessing Online Store and Multiplayer functions as well as logging in to their Consoles.

The Xbox Live Status site lists all affected services, most of which are associated with sign-in; Create, manage, or recover an account.

It is unclear how many people and regions are still affected; This means that some of the players may pass through tonight without any problems.

The 0x8013153b error code listed above is currently linked to the Xbox Live Store.

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