Fix your cracked screen problem with these screen repair options

A cracked smartphone screen can ruin your day, and if you do not have the right repair options, it can ruin your bear.

Changing an iPhone or Android in the middle of a contract or payment plan is expensive, and with bidding offers, there is less chance of having a backup phone to trust.

We’ll review your broken iPhone screen or options you can use to fix your broken Android screen. There are several ways to fix your broken screen and options for searching for help.

If you leave your iPhone or Android without a case, you can ultimately look for a solution. Situations can help, but your luck is good, because as you read it, you’ll be looking for a solution for a screen that’s already broken.

Below are the options you should consider using to fix your broken smartphone screen without breaking your bank.

You do not have to buy a new iPhone for $ 650 to fix your device or pay for it out of pocket for a new Android phone. You can get a temporary fix for a couple of dollars and there are great options that cost $ 100 to $ 200. If you have a guarantee, you can pay at least $ 29 for a backup iPhone screen, and even some mobile phone stores offer repairs on the same day.

If you end up with a cracked screen, here are the different repair options you can get to work with.

Screen protector:

If you can not fix your broken smartphone screen right away, you can take some steps to use iPhone or Android with a broken screen. Assuming that only the glass is broken, the screen still shows an image and reacts to touch; You can use it as a temporary space as long as you can not change the display yourself.

Clean the screen as well as possible and then place a large packing tape on the screen. Excessive tapping is necessary and you should continue to use your phone. This will prevent the growth of cracks and the falling of glass pieces or your fingers.

You can also buy a screen protector on the broken screen. A glass protector or a good plastic protector will at least keep your screen in the present condition.

Communicate to the manufacturer:

Before you try DIY screen repair options, you should consult the company that made your phone.

Apple will offer the AppleCare + product if you buy it within 60 days of purchasing a new device. It will cost between $ 99 and $ 129 depending on your iPhone and you will see accidental damage. You had to buy it before your iPhone screen broke, but we saw that Apple Genius allows users to buy this plan with a broken screen and then change it to a new one. We have also occasionally seen free repair, but this is due to many factoring in favor. If you have an AppleCare + product, you’ll only need to pay $ 29US for a screen repair and will do it in the store while you wait.

HTC offers a Uh-Oh protection plan that includes a screen change if your HTC One M9 fails in the first year. It is a free replacement and the new device comes fast.

Samsung sells warranty plans for other Samsung phones, such as the Galaxy S7 warranty and AppleCare +. If you get it before it is damaged, you are left on it.

DIY Screen Repair and Replacement:

The cheapest way to fix a broken iPhone screen or broken Android screen is to perform a DIY screen change.

This is included, but not impossible. Using online lessons, you can easily change your iPhone or Android screen. Sometimes you will have to change the screen and there will be other times when you just need to change the glass.

IFixit is the perfect choice for learning how to replace a broken screen yourself. They offer DIY screen replacement guides for many devices.

You can buy a new Android or iPhone screen from IFIXit on eBay, Amazon and other sites. If you are doing your research in such a way that you get the right screen for your device and you are planning to make a purchase without an original backup (OEM replacement), be sure to get a quality product.

Make sure that you also purchase the tools you need to complete the replacement. Watch a YouTube video to make sure you have something you can do and see the manuals before purchasing parts. Depending on the tools and parts you need, this DIY can cost you between 100 and 250 dolls in screen repair.

If you are looking for iPhone repair services, visit http://www.applerepairer.co.uk


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