iPhone 7 – Design and Display Review

There is a good reason why IPhone 7 is a dead bell for the models we saw in 2014 and 2015 (no purpose for your finger) but the same design is valid for the third year – we will use IPhone for the first ten years of 2017 and Jony Ive ‘ And the design team at Cupertino are planning something very special for the next model.

For now, the iPhone 7 represents the most “pure” version of this particular design, and there’s something wrong with it unless you’re completely uncomfortable with round-edged phones.

Apple would be the last date for this design language in an iPhone, if the reports were believed to be the third time it’s been back for years, and Apple will dramatically differentiate the 2017 iPhones from the new chassis. Design and OLED screens.

I do not want to miss it either. Even in 2013, it was a wonderful, innovative situation. But now three years later, it certainly starts to get a little tired – that is, these phones are everywhere, everyone keeps them and so they are gathering at a pub this Friday night.

There are some important differences when maintaining the core design language. Black is the new lead of this year; The iPhone 7 comes with matte and bright color variations – the latter instantly brings the iPhone 3G to mind, but apparently prone to scratching.

The device does not have a physical home button, and instead of being imprinted, the phone triggers a Taptik feedback engine that gives the impression of a push button. When you start using the phone, it sounds very strange that you are starting to use your phone. It becomes a second nature for a while – although I can not claim that it is really better than the tactile feedback of the right knot.

At the bottom of the phone, the 3.5mm headphone jack hits in the absence, and Apple points out that the Taptik engine in question is filling the area where the audio output will normally fit into the device.

The top edge of the handset is completely empty, with the power button and the volume keys on the left and right, respectively. On the back of the phone, the camera impression is more pronounced than in the past, but it looks much nicer in some way; Metallic lenses in IPhone 6 and 6 always seemed to have been added later. Finally, the antenna lines were pushed to the top of the phone and the black versions were almost invisible – another nice aesthetic change.

Apple woke up again this year to finally deliver a waterproof phone. IPhone 7 is IP67 certified and is dust and water resistant. This does not mean that you can keep it in your fish tank overnight, but the handset can fold its water in a 30-minute deep water. This is accidentally long enough for people who tend to throw their expensive phones in the sink or even worse.

The 4.7-inch LED backlit IPS LCD screen remained the same last year, with the same resolution of 750 x 1334 pixels. Apart from Apple’s own operating system and applications, it is rarely used in a meaningful way, including the 3D Touch, I’ve forgotten something at a place for days.

While leading Android phones offer larger screens with higher resolutions, Apple carries the right idea here. Increasing the number of pixels on a phone’s screen is something that only those who value specials will notice; It is impossible to select individual pixels on the IPhone 7’s screen and by keeping the resolution “at a good enough” level, Apple can avoid giving unnecessary tension to the internal technology and thus delivering brilliant performance.

Nevertheless, given the price of this phone, 1080p would be nice. After all, 2016 is the year.

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