iPhone 6 Plus Multi-Touch Repair Program by Apple

Apple today has introduced a new fix for iPhone 6 Plus users that have been widely affected by the “touch disease” hardware bug. This defect does not respond to the iPhone’s display, and displays a thin gray flash line at the top.

As part of the new maintenance program, Apple will repair the affected equipment, priced at $ 149.

Apple wrote on its website that it has determined that “some” iPhone 6 Plus units are plagued by this problem. However, the company attributes these issues to devices that are discarded on a hard surface rather than by manufacturing defects.

In August, these problems were investigated in depth, and the affected iPhone 6 Plus models were described as “waiting for the pellets to wait for the start.”

Apple wrote on the following question:

Apple has determined that some iPhone 6 Plus devices may appear to show flicker or multi-touch problems after several times on the hard surface, and then cause further pressure on the device.

If your iPhone 6 Plus suffers from the above symptoms, it is working properly and the screen will not crack or break, and Apple will repair the device for $ 149.

Apple also said it would contact the customer who had already paid the repair costs to repay the difference, otherwise it would encourage the customer who might be affected by the equipment to be contacted by the company.

In order for your device to be serviced, you can visit Apple Authorized Service Providers, Apple Retail Stores, or contact Apple Technical Support and send it to damaged devices.

It is unclear how the affected customers respond to Apple’s maintenance plan because their equipment maintenance costs are still $ 149. Apple has been involved in a number of class action lawsuit involving this issue, so it would be interesting to see how the new fixes affect these litigation.

If your device is affected by Touch Disease, you can now go to the Apple website and start fixing your phone to work.


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