How to know if someone is blocked you on their iPhone?

If you can not call someone else or they do not reply to your message, then they may stop you. Our help guide explains how to try to find out if your number is blocked on the iPhone. If you also have an iPhone and want to block annoying ringtones or send text messages, please follow the steps below to block a number

First of all, you may be paranoid, do not worry – but if this idea really makes you worry, there are some gifts. Also, we should come out to admit that there is no way (we know) to determine if you are blocked, except to hold your friend’s iPhone and check the blocked list. (If you find a way, please let us know, but we can not see why Apple will provide this information to be blocked)

If you really want to know – well, maybe you should ask yourself.

In order to test what happened to block the call, we blocked a number and monitored the experience of both phones. When calling from a stop number, the caller hears a ring, but the other keeps muted. And then notify the caller that the recipient is unavailable and forward to the voicemail if the service is set by the person you are calling.

Even if someone can stop you can leave a message. The blocker will never be notified of the message, but it does show the bottom of the voicemail list in the blocked Messenger section (but only when they are in support of voicemail mail operators such as O2 or EE), but most People may not be there to check.
What will happen to the blocked message?

Send text messages to prevent you from working according to your expectations. The message is sent normally and you will not receive an error message. This is simply not helpful.

If you are using your own iPhone, you can previously send iMessage to see if someone has blocked your clue. IMessage will try to send it, but after a few minutes it will be sent back to prevent your people from never receiving text messages.

Now that Apple has updated iOS (iOS 9 or later), if you try to send iMessage to block your users, it will immediately show “Sent” and keep blue (which means it is still iMessage). However, the person you are prevented will never receive the message.
So i was stopped?

The phone is the best source of evidence. The key here is that you will always move to a ring after voicemail – if they refuse your phone, the number of rings will be different each time, and if the phone is turned off, it will not ring at all.

(If they use “Do Not Disturb”, it will be muted in the normal way – of course, please note that a DND setting allows the user to specify to allow duplicate calls to pass – so you can try again at any time to make sure your phone is urgent, Or they may stop you from this time!)

Finally, we want to repeat that this is not an exact science, so do not definitely make any angry scenes. In addition: calm down, relax, try not to worry. If they stop your numbers, hey, who needs them?

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