Why you should not fix iPhone 7 home button yourself

Fixing any broken phone is a hassle, but if you have an iPhone, you really have only one safe choice: use an Apple certified technician to fix your device. It’s not cheap

Of course, you can port your iPhone to an independent repair shop to support a cracked screen, but you will personally touch any appearance of the Apple warranty.

In case the home button on the iPhone 7 is broken, Apple seems to have taken a more radical step to ensure that the independent store and home repair machine repair the phone. Motherboard reports that the iPhone 7 has a software lock that turns off the power supply if the main screen button is damaged or tampered with and will keep the phone unlocked.

The software block presents a new question about the extent to which Apple controls the iPhone and the means of repair. At a more basic level, we once again wondered if we were trying to repair the phone if they were programmed for themselves, and we really had our cell phone.

According to the report, the software lock prevents any type of third-party installed home button from using the Touch ID, even when the phone is unlocked to perform a basic return to the main screen function. Only the home button that was originally part of the device will work properly unless the replacement of the source approved by Apple is specifically recalibrated.

Michael Oberdick, who owns the independent repair shop iOutlet, showed the software on his YouTube channel. He told the motherboard that this type of restriction could make the unlicensed store even more difficult to repair the cracked screen because any unintentional damage to the home button could cause the device to crash.

Apple used a similar method to prevent third-party fixes. IPhone 6 and 6 Plus have shop maintenance home button users, just last year the error 53 mobile phone. But in this case, Apple has apologized for this error and has modified it, but the problem has not yet completely disappeared: Australia’s largest consumer organization The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has just been in the federal court After the litigation is locked, “the false, misleading or deceptive statement of consumer rights”.

Consumer advocates have appealed to Apple and other companies to give independent repair shops more access to their products, and some countries even consider legislative requirements. The so-called repair method is a controversial thing, advocates believe that better third-party maintenance visits can help increase the life of our gadgets, reduce e-waste while opponents worry about their DIY home maintenance and explosion phone.

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