Nintendo 3DS broken? Don’t worry! Check this Nintendo 3DS repair introduction guide

I am not an engineer, or who like to open the Nintendo 3DS and other equipment, but has been around the technology for troubleshooting, I know all the twists and turns. Follow these simple rules to avoid getting in trouble when you try to fix Nintendo 3DS.


Please consult your warranty. It will tell you all you need to know who to contact who makes your Nintendo 3DS fixed. You will often find a small monster will be free fixed, short turnaround time. Your warranty is for your service, do not ignore!

Seek professional help. Warranty expired? Maybe you know a technician or have a geek that can help your friend? You may find that Nintendo 3DS has a well-known flaw that someone has an understanding of the technology and there may be a possible solution (like all the Xbox 360 RROD solutions).

Consider reducing losses. Surprisingly, someone in the world will buy your broken Nintendo 3DS on eBay. These people often like to use the internal work of the hardware to play. You may not be able to get the full price of a lot of technology, but you may be able to regain 50% of the purchase price and then go out to buy new equipment. Just make sure your auction clearly shows that Nintendo 3DS does not work.

do not

No warranty. The guarantee is weak. Loosening a screw may really make you down (see where did i do it?). If you are impulsive, you will not be able to access this privilege.

From unverified sources. The internet is very nice and it’s a good suggestion and someone who might give you detailed guidance to fix your Nintendo 3DS. But they are still unverified sources. You never know that someone is misleading you are out of malice, and even goodwill ignorance. Do not put someone on the basis of wisdom, just because they have authority.

Devaluation of your own time Let us say that Nintendo 3DS repair a wide range of world is under your grasp, but it takes 10-20 hours to surround it. If you find this kind of thing very interesting, then there must be a crack. But if you really just want to fix Nintendo’s 3DS, then in this project sank 10-20 hours (no certain result) is your time is invalid. Your time will be better to use the work and then just buy new hardware ..

All this simple lesson is as follows: Do not try to bite more than you can chew. Techies like to solve a good question, and your Nintendo 3DS will give them harm. Let them deal with it.


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