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Issue resolved for Xbox One S error code 107

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Xbox One S is the latest console model created by Microsoft. It is 40% better than its predecessor, the Xbox One, and offers better graphics quality. Despite the visible progress, Xbox One S is not an error-free console.

Speaking of errors, many users have recently reported that they do not like the game that they like because of the error 107. It seems that this error is universal for a particular game: Roblox.

Here’s how a player describes this question:

Also have this problem. My children play Roblox every day for almost a year without problems. Their account has a real account, my main count has gold. We never had any problems, and now all of a sudden I got “your Xbox account is currently not allowed to play multiplayer game session error code 107” and we get this in every configuration file even if my main and gold

All settings for all settings and online settings are set to allow multiplayer games, and all content is the same, without any changes, but we receive this message. The

As you can see, error 107 is the code for multiplayer games. The problem is that the game will continue to display error 107 even if the player updates the permissions.

How to Fix Xbox One S Error 107

The player confirms that you can use the Exit option in the Xbox menu to fix error 107. Then use a different user profile to log in and then restart the game.

Also, make sure you are running the latest version of the game. If these two solutions do not help you, please choose “Share people” for everyone.

If you encounter other solutions to fix error 107, please list the troubleshooting steps in the following comments section.

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