Sony PlayStation planning for big changes

The PlayStation Plus User Service pays for every 30 days to expand the game library.

While a popular feature and stuff makes Sony with Microsoft and their games with the same gold service, but not always can let everyone.

Every month there are six games, PS4, PS3 and PS Vita have two.

But now it seems that Sony is ready to mix a little bit.

The Sony Corporate Strategy Briefing reveals more of the company’s future plans, which seems to include upgrading the PS Plus service.

Sony executives talk more about this issue and reveal that they want to make PlayStation Plus more attractive fans to book.

These changes will be deployed to help increase the number of users, which clearly includes 70 million active users and 26.4 million PS Plus paid membership.

Other facts that share include PS4 users spend a total of 600 million hours a week on PS4.

Although Sony did not understand the problem, but it was mentioned that they want to enhance the content through the PlayStation Plus.

What does this mean is that anyone now guesses that Sony used to tease them that could add new PlayStation VR games to the list.

PlayStation Plus June 2011 game lineup will soon be unveiled by Sony.

PS Plus subscribers will be aware of which new PS4, PS3 and PS Vita titles will be available as part of a paid service within the next 10 days.

While Sony will usually show off their PlayStation 4 Plus line in the last week of the month, there is an opportunity to reveal something.

If PlayStation blogs are not implemented this week, fans will be expected to update by Wednesday, May 31.

Fans can now access the PlayStation Plus May 2017 list, which includes all areas of the “borderless” story, Abzu can be downloaded in North America, while the European region is alienated.

Other titles include Blood Knights and Port Royale 3: pirates and businessmen on PS3, as well as laser discos defenders, as well as PS Vita’s Type Rider and PS4 Cross Buy.

So far, PlayStation Plus June game list has not leaked, so fans have to wait to see later this month published content.

If you are having any issues with your PlayStation game console, you can login to the website


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