Console Repairing

Xbox 360 repair guide to fix the error E79

If you are concerned about Xbox error e79 and look for the best Xbox 360 fix to fix this problem, there are two main options available:

Microsoft Xbox Repair

Self repair

Microsoft Xbox 360 fixes:

This option is particularly effective for bug e79 fixes when your Xbox 360 is a guaranteed one. In this case, what you need to do is contact Microsoft with the problem and send the machine back to them for repair, which Microsoft will offer for free.


Although Microsoft Xbox 360 repairs are considered to be the most reliable, this involves multiple issues. First, if your console is infected with the wrong e79 and is out of warranty, it will take you as much as $ 150 to fix the error through Microsoft.

Secondly, whether or not your work is a guarantee, you will need to wait for a good four weeks (and sometimes even more) to get your console back from the service center. It is very time-consuming to process the entire process of customer service, send the machine to the service center, and finally take them back from them.

Last but not least, Microsoft will not guarantee that your console will not crash again after the error e79 or any other error code is fixed. So do not be surprised if your console through Microsoft fix soon after seeing an error code.

Xbox 360 Repair – Self Fix:

Now, you can easily avoid the above Microsoft maintenance problem, if you use the “self-repair” method, that is, their own console all fixed at home. Most encourage this approach to fix 360s that are no longer covered by the warranty. If you have not previously handled the experience of the console, then do not worry. There are a lot of gamers who can successfully complete the Xbox 360 maintenance task in the Xbox 360 maintenance mission, and there is no Xbox 360 maintenance background. how is it? It is easy to just buy a reliable Xbox maintenance manual and follow the remedial methods they provide to keep your console fixed.

A good maintenance guide provides high-quality pictures, video clips and detailed programs to fix different types of Xbox 360 errors (including error e71, e73, e74, e79, etc.). So if you follow this procedure carefully, then you can repair the machine as a professional maintenance person, without any problems.

How much will it cost?

Whether you believe it or not, there is an Xbox 360 service guide that can be online online and you can easily purchase less than $ 20, which will also provide a refund guarantee! However, it is important that you choose the right manual, which will provide you with the best service for Xbox 360 maintenance.

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