A few tips to fix your xbox repairs and errors

If you are lucky to have a sexy Xbox; You should know the proper guidance on Xbox care. You need to know how to repair it and how common mistakes can be handled. A major problem that arises is the problem of booting and the user needs to know how to solve this problem. Also known as coma command. In this problem, some of the 1MB bios chips are corrupted (equivalent to 256K).

Another thing you should know is cleaning the DVD. A dirty DVD drive can cause a significant amount of trouble for you. You may stop your valuable DVDs or feel strange when playing or installing them. Even if you think your DVD Drive is uneven, cleaning can help improve your gaming experience.

Another problem is the lock-up event that occurs when playing games when you are trapped in the heat box. For proper functioning of the Xbox, it is necessary to extract heat from the Xbox. The simplest solution to prevent graphics lock-in and single artifacts is to thoroughly clean up your nice Xbox console.

Let’s learn about Xbox common mistakes, and there are those mistakes that are causing problems for users. Here is a list of some simple mistakes:

Error No. 6 – Xbox hard drive could not unlock
Error 7 – The hard drive has timed out
Error # 8 – Xbox does not find a hard drive every time
Error # 11 – Xbox could not find any DVD
Error # 13 – Dashboard does not start properly
Error # 14 – very similar to error # 14
Error # 16 – Time related issue
Error # 20 – The dashboard tried to load, but failed to do so
Error No. 9 – If there is a problem with the hard drive parameters
Error No. 2 – When EEPROM control fails
Error # 4 – Ram can not be controlled
Error # 5 – If there is a problem with unlocking the hard drive
Error # 10 – Information about DVD timeout

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